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You Ring, We Spring

"A" Bail Now! Bail Bonds Inc. is a bail bond company serving Beaufort, SC and the surrounding areas. We are a locally-owned bail bond business with over 25 years of experience. We are here to act as a surety in order to secure your immediate release from all jails and detention centers, whether it be local or statewide.

We Can Deal With:  

  • City and State Court
  • Federal Court
  • General Session Court
  • Municipal Issues

  • Nationwide Postings
  • Statewide Coverage
  • Transfer Bonds

We’re Here 24/7

The bail bond service we offer extends to statewide and out-of-state bonds. If you don't understand how bail bondsmen work, our helpful team can explain it to you. Suffice it to say that if you are in jail, we can help you get released in just a few hours.

Contact Information

“A” Bail Now! Bail Bonds Inc.

Beaufort, SC


Credit Card Processing

Phone: (843) 379-4150
Fax: (843) 893-3754
Email: mesciaentga@hotmail.com

Charleston And Dorchester, SC
(843) 851-2245

Walterboro, SC
Phone:(843) 542-2600

Ridgeland, SC
Phone:(843) 645-9911


Call For A Free Consultation   

Our bail bonds team is professional and courteous and we keep all matters confidential. "A" Bail Now! Bail Bonds Inc. is a family business that understands family problems. Give us a call to secure your
jail release and to alleviate the fear and confusion from this difficult time in your life. We can help!   

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