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"A" Bail Now! Bail Bonds Inc. is happy to provide our clients in Beaufort, SC with dependable information about bail payments and the conditions of jail release. When a person is arrested for a crime, the magistrate or judge may impose the condition of a bail payment amount that must be paid before the person will be released from jail. The accused can make the full bail payment themselves or they can use a bail bondsman.

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The fee paid to a bail bondsman is also known as a premium. A premium is a non-refundable fee for the service of making the bail payment on behalf of the accused. When the bail bond has been posted, the court allows the accused to be released from jail under certain conditions and holds the bail amount in either cash or bond form until the case is complete. A case in general sessions court can last several years. If the accused misses a required court date a bench warrant will be issued and the bond declared forfeited. Any cash bail payment posted to the clerk of the court is put in the name of the defendant.

South Carolina Codes   

17-15-15 Permits the defendant to deposit cash with the clerk of court under the guise of being returned upon completion of the court case. Section (C) explains the cash deposit will be used for the purpose of restitution to the victim. This money creates an asset in the defendant's name and becomes assignable.

17-15-240 Interest on bail money deposited may be placed in an interest baring account and is considered public funds.

38-53-60 For the purpose of surrendering the defendant the surety may arrest him or her before the forfeiture of the undertaking.

38-53-80 A license is required of a bail bondsman and runners.

Chapters 38 and 17 of the South Carolina codes explain all bail bond regulations.

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"A" Bail Now! Bail Bonds Inc.
offers many bail payment arrangements and financial options to our clients. If you don't have the full bail payment amount or don't want your money going towards fines and restitution along with the state collecting interest on your funds, then we can post the bond for you. We offer no interest payment plans to qualified individuals. We can arrange bonds over the phone and secure them by fax or email. Call us if you have any
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